Hats for Everyone

Right now hats are a really hot accessory. With the sun coming out, they keep your head cool and your eyes in the shade. Also if there is a little wind, they help keep our hair in the right place. Just be careful not to get the hat itself get blown away šŸ˜‰

You can find hats of all different kinds and shapes. On one hand we have the really big ones, usually straw, which we should keep for the beach. On the other hand we have small stylish hats that we can rock with our everyday outfits. They can help you underline your look from classy and lady like to sexy and mysterious. Any material can work from straw to felt. You can also use a wide variety of colors, but make sure not to overdo it. If your outfit is very colorful already, I would stick with a more neutral colored hat.

A disadvantage of hats is, that once you have been wearing it for some hours, you hairĀ underneath the hatĀ can look messy. A tip from me: Take the hat off every now and than and shake you hair up a little bit, than it will stay beautiful all day long.

This hat is made out of straw, but still totally suitable for a day in the city.

Ā The color of this hat matches my clothes perfectly. A brighter color would have looked weird, with that outfit.

Lastly we shouldn’t forget the men among us! hats can look sexy on them, too. But they don’t have a variety as wide as women do. A mature man shouldn’t go too crazy with colors. Black, grey and beige are the best choices.

Ā Bruno Mars shows us how its done!


Good luckĀ finding your perfect hat! šŸ˜‰



Casual-classy man’s wear for the winter

Every man should have a nice, dark grey or black turtleneck for the winter. And every man should also at least have one nice blazer. Now combine those two and get a hot, stylish look. make sure the turtleneck fits tight and leave the buttons of the blazer open. Combine a black blazer with a dark grey or also a black turtleneck and u can wear a grey blazer with a black turtleneck. It’s not too fancy to wear casually but it still makes you look like a high class man. Add some dark jeans and black shoes and the outfit is perfect.

Enjoy looking hot šŸ˜‰