Time for Flowers!

Happy Saturday 🙂 I hope you are all having an amazing weekend!

How is your weather? Here the Sun is shining and I can feel the spring in the air! Everywhere I see flowers blossom. The perfect day to write about the new perfume from Valentino, Valentina Acqua Floreale.

I’ve been trying it the last two days and I love it! It smells like flowers, spring and summer, but it is not too sweet and annoying. I also love, that it stays on all day without fading away.

Valentina 1.1


Valentina 1.2



It looks very cute and matches young, elegant Ladies. A must have for this summer. Special for day and night and definitely worth to try it.

valentina 1.3

Enjoy the spring and feel great every day 😉



Hat Day!

Happy Saturday everyone 🙂 What are your plans for this beautiful day?

It’s super sunny here, but still a little windy. The perfect day to wear a hat!

hat day 1.1hat day 1.2


I am wearing my hat from last year (Capelli New York) and sunnies (Ray Ban). I’m so happy it’s finally spring 🙂

For my make up I am trying t keep my eyes bright and open and my lips a little shiny.

hat day 1.3



Enjoy this beautiful day 😉


Some Pictures I took of NY, the City we all Love!

Impressive even on a cloudy day

The Big City Jungle

you never know what you are gonna see, or who you are gonna meet in this City

Night even brighter than Day

The Bull

How impressive is this City?

NY, beautiful in any way

A boat trip around this Lady is a must for every tourist visiting NY!

The proud Lion, watching over the Library

The Magic of Tiffany&Co.

Have you ever wondered how those beautiful pictures we see in magazines are made? The perfect sunlight, the perfect weather and the perfect people.

This is one of the pictures we might see if we buy a magazine this month. The perfect winter feeling.

Now I am going to tell you that I was there that day they shot the picture on the stairs. It was in the middle of the summer and it was about 100 degree Fahrenheit hot.

Can you believe it? Well good thing I took pictures.

They started decorating the Library and bringing plastic bags full of snow. And slowly the whole front of the New York Library was full of snow. Than they turned on the snow machine and really let it snow. The magic of Tiffany&Co. Snow in the middle of Manhattan in the middle of summer.

Slowly this little place turned into a winter wonder land. Nobody I asked knew what that was for. many people thought it was a Christmas movie or something like that. No one would have thought all that was necessary for one good picture.

they waited till late that day to start shooting, so the sun won’t be too bright.

Here you can compare the mood of the two pictures yourself 😉

The Cities green side..

Sure, we all know Central Park, amazing, beautiful and huge. But we shouldn’t forget the other parks that the City has to offer.

All the way in the south we can find the Battery Park. It is smaller than Central Park, but still very interesting. The old buildings and their surroundings make it even nicer.

It’s not far from Ground Zero and the ferries to Liberty and Ellis Islands are leaving from there. As a tourist you shouldn’t miss it.

Enjoy exploring the City 😉

Disneyland for shopaholics

The Woodbury Common Premium outlet center is located at  498 Red Apple Court Central Valley, NY, and a MUST for all fashion lovers.

This amazing outlet mall is huge and looks literally like a theme park, just without the rides. You can find anything there from American Eagle to Gucci. There is no way you won’t find anything you like, and the best part is that all the stores are outlets or factory stores, which sell their stuff for much less than the original price.

You will need one day to shop through all the stores at the center, but don’t worry. If you get hungry, a big variety of restaurants and food stands will take care of you.

Here’s one last tip from me: If you can, try to go on a gray weekday. I know its nicer to shop in the sun, but the masses of visitors will buy all the good stuff, right in front of your nose.

Enjoy shopping 😉

Times Square on a Friday night…

This picture is freshly taken at Times Square about two hours ago, just for you.

If you ever get to NYC, don’t miss the Times Square at night. Of course it is also worth visiting it in the daytime, but nothing compared to the colorful lights and adverts, that make the darkest night seem like the brightest day.

You can see all kinds of people there and I promise you, you won’t be bored. Every step u take, there’s a new surprise waiting.

Enjoy exploring my friends 😉