Skin Routine ~ My Favourite Couples

Hey all you fashion lovers! I know it’s been like forever, but now I’m back and I wanted to start with a new series of posts presenting all my favorite beauty couples 😉 Lately I’ve been trying all kinds of beauty products and I wanted to share some of the experience I collected for you guys!

Today I wanted to write about the two things I use cleaning my skin before ging to bed. Part one of this favorite couple is the Shiseido Pureness deep cleansing foam. I use it together with part two of the couples, which is the olay regenerist brush. The brush helps getting all the dirt, dust and make up off your face, and the cleansing foam, makes your skin feel super soft and clean. After using it a few weeks now, I can really say, that it helps making your skin look flawless by making your pores smaller, preventing pimples and brightening up your face.



Of course every skin is different and reacts different to beauty products, but for me, this combination definetely worked out great. Now you try what works best for you and share your experiences with me if you like 🙂

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Now have fun trying out some beauty products 😉


New Business Cards arrived!

Matching yesterdays business outfit, today the new Heel Safari business cards arrived! I am so excited 🙂

business cards


What do you think about them? Thank you all for checking out my blog so frequently 🙂

Hope you are having an amazing day 😉


Modern Art!

Hello all you fashionaddicts 😉

Lately my posts have been all about fashion, so I decided that today’s post should be about art 😉 I wanted to share one of my favorite paintings with you!

jackson pollock(Jackson Pollock)


Every time i stand in front of this huge picture it takes my breath away. I took this photo at the MOMA (Museum Of Modern Art) in New York. What do you think of the painting? Do you like modern art or do you prefer the more realistic kind of paintings?

Enjoy the art all around you 😉


Getting ready for Summer Vacation

Getting ready for my summer vacation, once again I remembered how much I hate packing…

Where are you going this year?

Once the destination is set, the most difficult thing is the packing. It can be really annoying, and in the end you always forget what you really wanted to take or you don’t have anything to match your favorite shirt.

All those things can be avoided if you pack the right way. Sometimes it is even a good idea to write a list of things you want to take. One important rule for packing is, always make sure you pack as an outfit and not as single pieces. Make sure to take the obvious things like toothbrush and underwear, because sometimes those can be forgotten, just because they are so obvious.

Take shoes that go with your outfit and make sure you have something for all occasions. Don’t only take party stuff or sportswear.

If you go to a warm place, make sure to bring mostly light and bright colors instead of black, navy and brown colors. Once you have a little tan those colors will look even more amazing on you. Anyways, never forget to use skin protection 😉

Personally I feel like my legs always take forever to get a tan, even though I have them in the sun every chance I get. For those who have the same problem I found an amazing product.

This Leg Make-up is super easy to apply, looks natural, and covers little spider veins. I used it for warm days in the city already and  it stayed on perfectly. Just be careful, not to let it rub onto bright clothes.

Enjoy your vacation 😉

Some Pictures I took of NY, the City we all Love!

Impressive even on a cloudy day

The Big City Jungle

you never know what you are gonna see, or who you are gonna meet in this City

Night even brighter than Day

The Bull

How impressive is this City?

NY, beautiful in any way

A boat trip around this Lady is a must for every tourist visiting NY!

The proud Lion, watching over the Library

All I want for Christmas is…

It will be Christmas soon! So it’s time to start running to the stores and trying to find a gift for everyone. It will be so stressful and nothing but spending money, right? Well I don’t think Christmas time should look like that. So I have some tips for everyone how to make it all the fun and joy it should be. First of all, make a list of the people you want to get something for. This list you should keep in you pocket or purse when ever you go somewhere, so you know exactly who you still need to get something for. Also go shopping in the beautifully decorated stores, smell Christmas in the air and do it first of all for yourself. Keep your eyes open, and you will see things that are just perfect for every special person. Don’t say i need something for her today and start looking for something.

If you don’t stress yourself everything will work out;)

Also sit down every evening, listen to Christmas songs, light up a candle and drink some tea or hot coco. You need to make your body know that it’s Christmas. Eat a lot of Oranges so you’ll stay healthy over the holidays. Nobody wants to have a cold now.

Enjoy the Holidays and Merry Christmas 😉