Hair Routine ~ Favorite Couples Series

Happy Wednesday all you amazing people 🙂 Today I wanted to post part two of my favorite couples series. Last time it was my skin routine and now it’s all about hair 😉 The first product I use on a daily basis is my shapoo.

IMG_20140725_065954 It’s by healthysexyhair for colored, damaged, thin hair. I actually do have pretty thick hair, but I feel like the shampoo for thick hair makes my hair look oily much faster than the shampoo for thin hair. I’m still on my first bottle of shampoo, but so far I’m satisfied with the results 😉

The second product I use everyday after showering and also before ging to bed is my Argan oil. It makes my hair look really healthy and shiny, but you might need a few days to find the perfect dose of oil for your hair, because you want to avoid an oily look. When your hair is still wet and you want to blow dry it, it’s ok to apply a little more argan oil. Once it is dry and you only want to add a little shine to your hair, be careful not to put too much 😉



Do you have any good products for your hair? 🙂 let me know about them. I always love to try something new!

Don’t forget to shine bright 😉



Skin Routine ~ My Favourite Couples

Hey all you fashion lovers! I know it’s been like forever, but now I’m back and I wanted to start with a new series of posts presenting all my favorite beauty couples 😉 Lately I’ve been trying all kinds of beauty products and I wanted to share some of the experience I collected for you guys!

Today I wanted to write about the two things I use cleaning my skin before ging to bed. Part one of this favorite couple is the Shiseido Pureness deep cleansing foam. I use it together with part two of the couples, which is the olay regenerist brush. The brush helps getting all the dirt, dust and make up off your face, and the cleansing foam, makes your skin feel super soft and clean. After using it a few weeks now, I can really say, that it helps making your skin look flawless by making your pores smaller, preventing pimples and brightening up your face.



Of course every skin is different and reacts different to beauty products, but for me, this combination definetely worked out great. Now you try what works best for you and share your experiences with me if you like 🙂

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Now have fun trying out some beauty products 😉

Time for Flowers!

Happy Saturday 🙂 I hope you are all having an amazing weekend!

How is your weather? Here the Sun is shining and I can feel the spring in the air! Everywhere I see flowers blossom. The perfect day to write about the new perfume from Valentino, Valentina Acqua Floreale.

I’ve been trying it the last two days and I love it! It smells like flowers, spring and summer, but it is not too sweet and annoying. I also love, that it stays on all day without fading away.

Valentina 1.1


Valentina 1.2



It looks very cute and matches young, elegant Ladies. A must have for this summer. Special for day and night and definitely worth to try it.

valentina 1.3

Enjoy the spring and feel great every day 😉


Wellness for your Hair

I use my blow dryer everyday, plus my hair straighteners. I love my hair, but it’s almost impossible to style it without destroying it. So recently my hair looked really sad. It had lots of split ends, was dry and the glow was just gone. Usually, I don’t believe in the things ads promise. Especially when it comes to my hair, but since my hair was all broken anyways and my regular shampoo and conditioner didn’t help I wanted to try something new. I researched Nexxus ProMend series for split ends and all references i found were good, so i went and bought it.

I can only recommend it. Already after using the shampoo my hair felt so much softer and the daily conditioner made it even better. You can literally see your hair getting prettier everyday, but be careful not to use too much conditioner and to rinse it out very well, otherwise your hair might look oily.

I love this product and I’ll buy it again for sure. Even the price is affordable with around $9 for the shampoo and $13 for the conditioner. If you have problems with your hair you should try it and see if it works for you.

Have fun washing your hair 😉