We love Gold!

Hey all you amazing people! Today I finished my first exam, so I decided to post an outfit for celebrating 😉

I was wearing it for my mum’s birthday.

outfit 20.1outfit 20.2


I’m wearing a golden sequence, peplum shirt (Impossible), which is definitely an eye catcher. I combined it with a beige skirt (Armani Exchange). Together it almost looks like a dress. The Shoes (Guess) match the skirt and have some gold details as well.

I love the outfit 🙂 What do you guys think? Too much gold?




Black and White

Hello fashion lovers 😉

Who of you hates Mondays just like me? Well, I thought this day does not deserve a colorful outfit, so i decided to show you how you can style the fashion trend: Black and white 😉

outfit 16.1outfit 16.2


Spring time is the perfect time for white pants (One Green Elephant). I love it when they end right at the ankle,but if they don’t you can just roll them up to your favorite length 😉 I combined the pants with a white shirt (Armani Exchange), that i tucked in my pants. to have a break between shirt and pants I used a black belt (Michael Kors). My shoes (BCBG) are also black. This time of the year it is fine to keep your outfit mostly white with some black eye catchers. During the winter months you can do the opposite.

In the second picture I am also wearing an oversize black jacket (Calvin Klein).

Enjoy the rest of your day and think positive 😉


Look Exclusive, Everyday!

I personally love today’s outfit, because it is so versatile. You can wear it to work and look chic and sophisticated, but you can also wear it to a bar or a date and look stylish and sexy.

outfit 12.1

Now, in the picture above I am wearing a studded blazer (H&M) and black pants ( Armani Exchange). Under the blazer I am wearing a white and gold shirt (Michael Kors). I match the gold color of the studs and the shirt with my golden pumps (Esprit). As for accessories, I chose my clutch from the last post (Alex.Max), a golden bangle (Capelli New York) and a leather, snake print belt with. Small golden earrings would look nice with this outfit, too.

outfit 12.2

In this picture, I exchanged my golden pumps for black ankle boots (Steve Madden). This small change makes the outfit look much more suitable for walking around in the city, while the pumps make it look like an outfit for the office or a dinner.

I want to show you some more tiny changes that make the outfit look completely different.

outfit 12.3

Here you can see me in my golden pumps again, and additionally I’m wearing a golden scarf ( Capelli New York). The scarf makes the entire outfit look more casual. Now it is the perfect look to meet some friends in a bar for a fun and casual night out.

Now one last variation 😉

outfit 12.4

Scarf and ankle boots together make it the perfect outfit for a shopping trip. Why not visit my beloved 5th Ave NY 😉

So don’t be scared to mix and match! Really often you can get much more out of one outfit than you’d expect. 😉

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My Milan Outfit!

So I went to Milan on Saturday, to work at the MICAM, one of the biggest and most important shoe fairs. I saw many interesting shoes, but also outfits. Unfortunately I was not able to take pictures, because i was very busy. I still wanna show you one of  my outfits for Milan;)

outfit 10.1


I love this coat (Esprit) for the time between winter and spring, when the weather is not really cold, but also not really warm. The fabric is a mix of black and white stitches and looks very classy.

outfit 10.2


The entire outfit reflects those two colors. I was wearing a plane, but classy white shirt (Vero Moda) and black Jeggings (Armani Exchange) with black ankle boots (Steve Madden). As accessories I took a black scarf ( Capelli New York), a silver watch (D&G) and a gray-silver purse (Nine West). I kept my coat open.

Wear an outfit like that with the right amount of confidence, maybe some sunglasses, and you can be sure that you will be the center of attention;)

Enjoy travelling the world inside your closet 😉


Combining Black and Gold

One of the hottest metallic colors right now is gold. It is hard though, to use it in the right dose. If u chose to wear one main piece that’s all golden, make sure that the rest of the colors in your outfit won’t be too bold.

I’m gonna give you an idea of an outfit with some touches of gold.

outfit 7.1

Combining black and gold usually works very nicely. It’s sexy and mysterious, but also classy.The biggest golden piece in my outfit is the scarf (Capelli New York), which even has some black patterns.

outfit 7.2outfit 7.3

I combined a black, woolen cardigan with golden studs along the zipper(Armani Exchange) with winter tights (Capelli New York). Those are extra warm and feel like fleece from the inside. The black leather boots i was wearing (Tory Burch) also have some nice golden chain elements. I love wearing them when it’s wet and muddy outside. The leather is super thick, so if u take care of it, it’s waterproof and almost indestructible 😉

In the second picture i added my leather and (fake) fur jacket (Guess by Marciano). The zippers are golden. I also chose a shiny black purse (Michael Kors) with golden zippers to combine with this outfit. Never be afraid of mixing different materials! 😉

outfit 7.4outfit 7.5

In those two pictures once again the cardigan and of course the boots 😉

Have fun combining and looking awesome 😉

Lunch Date Outfit

It is harder than most people think to find the right outfit for a lunch date. You don’t want to appear too casual, but being overdressed is never good either. Here is my idea of a nice outfit, good for a lunch date with friends, but also pretty enough for a date with Mr Perfect 😉

outfit 4

I combined a light, khaki colored jacket (Armani Exchange) with a white, very cute dress (Armani Exchange). It has a zipper in the back, but also a small one in the front, so you can decide for yourself how much you want to show ;). The shoes (Tommy Hilfiger) match the color of the jacket. Since they are flats you won’t have to hurry home right after lunch. Matching the outfit i chose a little, white, leather bag (Esprit). It has metal dots in the middle, that make it look special.

outfit 4.1outfit 4.2outfit 4.3

At the moment, this dress is definitely my favorite one. You can also combine it with high-heels and a different jacket for fancier occasions.

Enjoy your lunch 😉

Getting ready for Summer Vacation

Getting ready for my summer vacation, once again I remembered how much I hate packing…

Where are you going this year?

Once the destination is set, the most difficult thing is the packing. It can be really annoying, and in the end you always forget what you really wanted to take or you don’t have anything to match your favorite shirt.

All those things can be avoided if you pack the right way. Sometimes it is even a good idea to write a list of things you want to take. One important rule for packing is, always make sure you pack as an outfit and not as single pieces. Make sure to take the obvious things like toothbrush and underwear, because sometimes those can be forgotten, just because they are so obvious.

Take shoes that go with your outfit and make sure you have something for all occasions. Don’t only take party stuff or sportswear.

If you go to a warm place, make sure to bring mostly light and bright colors instead of black, navy and brown colors. Once you have a little tan those colors will look even more amazing on you. Anyways, never forget to use skin protection 😉

Personally I feel like my legs always take forever to get a tan, even though I have them in the sun every chance I get. For those who have the same problem I found an amazing product.

This Leg Make-up is super easy to apply, looks natural, and covers little spider veins. I used it for warm days in the city already and  it stayed on perfectly. Just be careful, not to let it rub onto bright clothes.

Enjoy your vacation 😉