Awesome Studs!

Today I saw my younger cousin and I just loved her leather boots! The studs and the color go very nicely with jeans. What do you guys think?


Enjoy the easter holidays 😉 Xxx


Combining Black and Gold

One of the hottest metallic colors right now is gold. It is hard though, to use it in the right dose. If u chose to wear one main piece that’s all golden, make sure that the rest of the colors in your outfit won’t be too bold.

I’m gonna give you an idea of an outfit with some touches of gold.

outfit 7.1

Combining black and gold usually works very nicely. It’s sexy and mysterious, but also classy.The biggest golden piece in my outfit is the scarf (Capelli New York), which even has some black patterns.

outfit 7.2outfit 7.3

I combined a black, woolen cardigan with golden studs along the zipper(Armani Exchange) with winter tights (Capelli New York). Those are extra warm and feel like fleece from the inside. The black leather boots i was wearing (Tory Burch) also have some nice golden chain elements. I love wearing them when it’s wet and muddy outside. The leather is super thick, so if u take care of it, it’s waterproof and almost indestructible 😉

In the second picture i added my leather and (fake) fur jacket (Guess by Marciano). The zippers are golden. I also chose a shiny black purse (Michael Kors) with golden zippers to combine with this outfit. Never be afraid of mixing different materials! 😉

outfit 7.4outfit 7.5

In those two pictures once again the cardigan and of course the boots 😉

Have fun combining and looking awesome 😉

Hide and Seek

This year I found the perfect boots for myself. They are dark brown leather and a perfect combination of sophisticated riding boots and cute buckle boots. The inside is fine rabbit fur. They are handmade in Italy. Whenever  I wear them it feels like my feet are in heaven. I looked for boots like that for months, but never found the perfect ones. Now I am so happy I waited, and didn’t just buy any boots. So if you guys are looking for anything specific don’t give up. You might still find what you are looking for. Also look at stores like TJ-maxx or Century 21, sometimes it is really worth it. If  you are lucky you’ll find something amazing for much less than you’d pay somewhere else, but also don’t just buy something because it seems like it is a good deal. Always keep in mind what you really want.

Enjoy finding gifts for yourself 😉

Make your boots look even better: Boot socks

Boots are amazing. They are comfy, warm and look sexy and stylish with or without a heel. What makes them look even better are the right boot socks. For ankle boots or cowboy boots, don’t get shorter socks, just because the boots are shorter. Wear long boot socks and pull them down. Stop a little over the top edge of the boot, so that the socks will have wrinkles and look a little thicker. That also helps, if your boots usually look a bit too wide on your leg. For high shaft boots just let the sock peek out over the edge.

Choose the color of the socks carefully. It shouldn’t be the same color as the boots, but also not too far from it. For black boots, use dark grey or anthracite socks. For beige boots use brown socks and vice versa.

Don’t go too crazy with patterns and colors, except if you need boot socks for rainboots 😉 They play by their own rules. If you have solid colored rainboots, mix and match what ever you like. If your rainboots have a pattern, you can still use wild colored socks, but leave out the socks that have patterns. A last tip from me for cold, wet winter days: the rainboot liners.they are just like socks, but keep your feet in the rubber boots super warm, and you can even wear them with regular socks. So when you go buy rainboots, never forget to get them a number bigger than your shoe size.

Enjoy pimping your boots 😉