Modern Art!

Hello all you fashionaddicts 😉

Lately my posts have been all about fashion, so I decided that today’s post should be about art 😉 I wanted to share one of my favorite paintings with you!

jackson pollock(Jackson Pollock)


Every time i stand in front of this huge picture it takes my breath away. I took this photo at the MOMA (Museum Of Modern Art) in New York. What do you think of the painting? Do you like modern art or do you prefer the more realistic kind of paintings?

Enjoy the art all around you 😉



Look Exclusive, Everyday!

I personally love today’s outfit, because it is so versatile. You can wear it to work and look chic and sophisticated, but you can also wear it to a bar or a date and look stylish and sexy.

outfit 12.1

Now, in the picture above I am wearing a studded blazer (H&M) and black pants ( Armani Exchange). Under the blazer I am wearing a white and gold shirt (Michael Kors). I match the gold color of the studs and the shirt with my golden pumps (Esprit). As for accessories, I chose my clutch from the last post (Alex.Max), a golden bangle (Capelli New York) and a leather, snake print belt with. Small golden earrings would look nice with this outfit, too.

outfit 12.2

In this picture, I exchanged my golden pumps for black ankle boots (Steve Madden). This small change makes the outfit look much more suitable for walking around in the city, while the pumps make it look like an outfit for the office or a dinner.

I want to show you some more tiny changes that make the outfit look completely different.

outfit 12.3

Here you can see me in my golden pumps again, and additionally I’m wearing a golden scarf ( Capelli New York). The scarf makes the entire outfit look more casual. Now it is the perfect look to meet some friends in a bar for a fun and casual night out.

Now one last variation 😉

outfit 12.4

Scarf and ankle boots together make it the perfect outfit for a shopping trip. Why not visit my beloved 5th Ave NY 😉

So don’t be scared to mix and match! Really often you can get much more out of one outfit than you’d expect. 😉

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Some Pictures I took of NY, the City we all Love!

Impressive even on a cloudy day

The Big City Jungle

you never know what you are gonna see, or who you are gonna meet in this City

Night even brighter than Day

The Bull

How impressive is this City?

NY, beautiful in any way

A boat trip around this Lady is a must for every tourist visiting NY!

The proud Lion, watching over the Library