Cocktails with the Girls

Today’s outfit is a mixture of sexy, cute and sophisticated and good for any fancy lounge or cocktail bar. There’s nothing better than a night out with the girls 😉

outfit 5outfit 5.2


I combined a red, slightly shiny dress (Zara) with black, but see through tights (20 Den). They make your legs look super sexy. Black pumps like they are in the picture (Coach) or also black, high-heel sandals look amazing with this outfit. The small purse (no name) has a ring for each finger and is an amazing accessory. You can also find even fancier models like that from Alexander McQueen and other designers.

When it gets cold this dress is easily combined with a short jacket or blazer (Vila). For fancier events you could wear a little black fur instead of the jacket. A necklace or rings are not necessary. I would wear a cute bracelet though (Tiffany&Co).

outfit 5.3


Just try and see what you like 🙂 For this outfit you should stick with silver or black accessories, though.

Have fun with your girls 😉


The Magic of Tiffany&Co.

Have you ever wondered how those beautiful pictures we see in magazines are made? The perfect sunlight, the perfect weather and the perfect people.

This is one of the pictures we might see if we buy a magazine this month. The perfect winter feeling.

Now I am going to tell you that I was there that day they shot the picture on the stairs. It was in the middle of the summer and it was about 100 degree Fahrenheit hot.

Can you believe it? Well good thing I took pictures.

They started decorating the Library and bringing plastic bags full of snow. And slowly the whole front of the New York Library was full of snow. Than they turned on the snow machine and really let it snow. The magic of Tiffany&Co. Snow in the middle of Manhattan in the middle of summer.

Slowly this little place turned into a winter wonder land. Nobody I asked knew what that was for. many people thought it was a Christmas movie or something like that. No one would have thought all that was necessary for one good picture.

they waited till late that day to start shooting, so the sun won’t be too bright.

Here you can compare the mood of the two pictures yourself 😉