An Outfit for a Job Interview

Of course it always depends on what kind of job you are interviewing for, but you are dressed is very important. It is hard to find the right middle between business and personal look. Here is one of my ideas that might help you:

Outfit 3outfit 3.1

This is a nice classy jacket (Promode) combined with a cute, navy blue shirt (Michael Kors). The pants should be bright, but not white and matching the jacket (H&M). Jeans might be a bit too casual, but again it depends on the job. As shoes I chose some nice brown pumps, open in the front and with a gold buckle (Via Uno), matching the gold zippers of the jacket. Not too high, but a heel is a must. As jewelry a bright watch is enough. Here is an example:

Michael Kors


You won’t need a necklace, because the shirt is enough.



I Hope I was able to give you some ideas, and goodluck for your interview 😉