Happy Wednesday Fashion Lovers 🙂

I am sorry for the long break between the last and this post, but I needed some time to study 😉 finals are almost here. What are your plans for summer?

Today I wanted to show you a cute outfit you can wear at night to the beach bar.

outfit 19.1 outfit 19.2

The fabric of the shirt (Zara) is super light and plays with the shape of your body. A nice contrast to the oversize shirt are the tight leggings (VS Pink). In combination with the shirt they make your legs look long and skinny and the pumps (BCBG) make them look even longer. If you want to take a walk on the sand after having some drinks at the bar, just take off the shoes 😉

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Only two days to go till Friday 😉



Black and White

Hello fashion lovers 😉

Who of you hates Mondays just like me? Well, I thought this day does not deserve a colorful outfit, so i decided to show you how you can style the fashion trend: Black and white 😉

outfit 16.1outfit 16.2


Spring time is the perfect time for white pants (One Green Elephant). I love it when they end right at the ankle,but if they don’t you can just roll them up to your favorite length 😉 I combined the pants with a white shirt (Armani Exchange), that i tucked in my pants. to have a break between shirt and pants I used a black belt (Michael Kors). My shoes (BCBG) are also black. This time of the year it is fine to keep your outfit mostly white with some black eye catchers. During the winter months you can do the opposite.

In the second picture I am also wearing an oversize black jacket (Calvin Klein).

Enjoy the rest of your day and think positive 😉


Party Dress!

Hello all you fashion lovers 😉 I hope you are having a fantastic day and an amazing start into your weekend!

Weekend  is the best time to go out and have some fun at a fancy club, so I decided to show you one of my outfits for a glamorous night out 😉

outfit 15.1outfit 15.2outfit 15.3


I am wearing a black dress I found at H&M. On chest and upper back it has a see through leopard print.

outfit 14.4


Since I get cold easily, I combined the dress with a short, golden silk jacket with black leather applications (Cynthia Steffe). If you want to wear something not too expensive it is a good thing to combine it with something very classy like that jacket. This way the entire outfit looks much more expensive 😉

The dress is pretty short, that’s why I personally like to wear black tights with it. Black pumps (BCBG) go nicely with this outfit.

Where are you going this weekend?

Enjoy partying 😉


Spring is coming

Hey everyone, I hope you had an amazing start into your weekend! 😉

Today I wanted to show u a nice casual outfit for spring.


I’m wearing a black Bando top (Capelli New York) under a transparent shirt (Umqee) so my stomach is showing but still covered. That gives it a touch of sexy 😉

My green pants (Promode) are super skinny and look pretty when combined with loose tops. For shoes I chose some black pumps (BCBG), which you can combine with almost every outfit. They are a must have in every girls closet 😉

Enjoy the rest of your weekend 😉


My Outfit For a Fundraiser

Today I’m gonna show you an outfit i wore to a fundraiser. It had to be classy, but still matching my age. This what i came up with:

outfit 2

I wore a nice, tight, black dress (BCBG) with a little, furry jacket (BCBG). Those two looked very cute together. The dress was appropriate for the event, because it wasn’t short, but on the side of it was a zipper one could open and make the dress much more sexy, so I could still use it for other events. With this outfit I took a little purse (Capelli NY), that i could hang around myself, so it didn’t bother me while walking around.

outfit 2.1outfit 2.2

outfit 2.3outfit 2.4


As shoes i wore some black sandals (Chinese Laundry). They were not too high and very comfy, but still sexy.

outfit 2.5


Finally one picture of me wearing this awesome dress 🙂

outfit 2.6 Unfortunately that was at a different event and i wasn’t wearing my furry jacket.

Good luck finding an outfit for tonight and HAPPY NEW YEAR 🙂